King of Glory is a Christ-centered ministry. We are working towards planting a church when we move to Guatemala in 2017. We currently serve as a family in Rochester, NY. In 2015 God called us to be international missionaries. After much prayer, pastoral counseling, and direction we embraced the calling to start this journey in Guatemala.

Our primary goal is to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and help each person grow in their walk with Jesus as well. In addition to that, the King of Glory Church plans to serve many needs to the community and fellow missionaries surrounding us when we move to Guatemala. We hope to offer English classes, food distribution, medical attention, computer classes, and more to those who are in need. We also plan to work with other our missionary friends who are already in Guatemala – networking with them and helping serve with them.

The Lord has provided Matt 19 opportunities to go to Guatemala and I (his wife, Jolene) have been 3 times with him. In those trips we have developed a deep love and passion for our Guatemalan friends *In Guatemala our church will use its Spanish name, Re de Gloria*

Please feel free to browse the site, look at photos, leave comments, and more!

There are blogs that I (Jolene) will be uploading periodically for you to see what’s new and going on with King of Glory and our family!