Yard Sale Fund-raiser

Hello again!

We had a yard sale last weekend, Saturday June 4th. We got some donations from our church we attend in Hamlin and some from friends. We had a LOT of stuff we got rid of that we know we won’t want to take to Guatemala with us and we didn’t need to use for the next year while we are still in the states.

We opened up around 9am and closed down around 7pm. It went VERY well! We had two volunteers from our church, Larry and Pat, who came bright and early, helped me clean and organize things, and carry items up out of our basement. Once everything was out – we all got together, joined hands, and prayed God’s blessing over the yard sale. They stayed for awhile into the afternoon visiting and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather. RIGHT when they left, our friends Barb and Scott showed up to help! God is good!

It started to slow down quite a bit so we closed up shop and they helped me pack what larger items and things we didn’t want to try to re-sell (which was all of one tote) into our mini van where Matt drove it to Goodwill to donate.

The entire event went VERY smoothly with the help of our friends! Big ‘thank you’ to them! We also made exactly $600!! We had a donation check, some very generous buyers, and sold quiet a lot – which really surprised us! Some things were harder to separate with than others – mainly my really nice bike – but we were VERY happy to see it go 🙂

So Praise the LORD for such a blessed yard sale! And Praise Him for brothers and sisters donating their time and their money to our family!


So far fundraising has been a bumpy journey – but we rest in faith knowing God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called and He will provide.


We love and appreciate all your continued support – prayers and financially – Thank you!

Serving together in Christ,



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