‘Thank you’ to the givers

Hello everyone! So it’s a -4* wind chill here right now, BR! Snow is coming down like mad out there with white-out conditions and bad roads! Yikes! Stay safe!!

Matt and I just wanted to take time to say a HUGE ‘thank you’ and give recognition to all those who’ve donated to us by giving their gifts and time in preparation to help us move. Some people have blessed us SO much and REALLY helped us be able to make big steps forward and to you, we are SO grateful.

Mainly, those who’ve helped us get our home fixed up, repaired, or just plain ol’ safe and logical (old homes are killer), we thank you and praise God for your generosity! We are planning to rent our home to a brother in Christ and his family and we could not have done so in more ways than one without doing some serious work first.


Dwain – who installed our entire upstairs new laminate flooring (WOW! HUGE job we could NOT have done without you!) This was SUCH a daunting task as no one we knew had a table saw, our sub-flooring was TOTALLY warped because the man who’d build our house used the wrong planks and placed them at the wrong spacing causing the floor to either bow or dip, and some boards were broken or missing entirely! But we got it done through renting the saw at Home Depot – who always happened to have it when we needed it (twice) even though they only have one, and with the counsel of an old contractor family friend on how to handle the dips and bowing.
Jamie – who fixed several electrical issues (one which he discovered by accident saying that out of a 1-10 scale of dangerous, it was an 8! Praise the Lord he found it!), a 3-way light switch that was wrong in 4 different ways (took him over an hour to figure them all out but he was good! He got it), an outlet hanging out of a wall and unable to be placed back in, an outlet that had fallen INto the wall so badly  you couldn’t even reach it, and a sparking bathroom light switch.
Darren – My brother-in-law, for allowing us to borrow his electric miter saw. I have used this saw to help me re-build our downstairs bedroom that was ugly and unfinished – framing the closet, making window sills, and cutting trim. I also used it to cut all the upstairs quarter round and baseboards after the floors were done. Without it it would’ve made that job MUCH more tiring and a much longer process.
Dad – Who came over and helped me re-do our sump pump route because the pipe underground where it was going to was broken. This pipe was a mere 6 feet from our basement foundation, but it came out above ground, forming a puddle, and the pipe had also broken right by the foundation wall (which is bad.)

And to anyone else who’s come and helped and done things to aid in our preparations – we thank you SO much from the bottom of our hearts!

Giving to us in your time, gifts, and skills is something  Jesus asks and expects of brothers and sisters in Christ and we admire that within you all. And for all those without these specific blessings of tools or gifts and skills sets, your giving of your time in prayer is ALWAYS valued, and needed. We thank you all.

Matt, Jolene, and the boys!


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