We Found Our HOME!!

Hello all!!

We have been looking for an apartment or home to rent or buy (preferably a home) for probably over a year now. When God called us to Guatemala we became excited and our hearts wanted to try to find a home… but how do we DO that while living in the States?

So the search began!

We ended up finding a couple sites that were real estate sites that operated out of Antigua (one with an office even in Miami, FL! Haha.) We searched and searched for a place that we felt we could afford to either buy or rent.

We knew if we were to buy a place it needed to have enough land for horses since I want to use them for therapy for the people we will be serving with physical disabilities (and whoever wanted a nice therapy session with horses!) But land in Guatemala is VERY expensive, and without being there to really SEE the land, it was hard to really feel comfortable with any kind of commitment.

So we began looking for rental properties. There were several homes we fell in love with and lost, or found out that in Guatemala “for rent” doesn’t actually MEAN it is currently for rent. It means that it is currently lived in and the rent agreement is up in whatever month, and MAYBE the current tenants won’t renew…

After a year and pretty much absolving to just wait to find something until we moved down, a friend of ours through an organization we will be (and Matt has once already) working with called “Buildin Guate” put us in touch with a friend of hers who’s a realtor. We told her what we were looking for an within a week she got back to us in excitement telling us she had a home, and that it was beautiful, and she couldn’t believe the home was out there!

After sending a great family friend who lives in Guatemala to check it out, much prayer, and discussion we went for it.

God closed many doors but has opened up SO many doors with this home already.
– This home is in a town we already know and like, San Antonio Aguas Calientes.
– It is less than a mile from our dear, good friends and their ministry, Hope for Home
– It allows dogs (we really want a couple for security purposes and because we love big dogs!)
– It has a lovely, large, walled in yard.
– It is 4 bedrooms and 2 baths with the two downstairs bedrooms having their own locking doors to the street (allowing people to come and go as they please) – this allows us to have friends and family, and groups helping our minestry stay with us
– We don’t have to pay rent until June but they are “holding” the home for us
– The owners are Christians and excited to give it to us to rent
– The realtor told Matt she was so excited for us, that she wants to volunteer with our ministry when we move down and get started, and she then said “I know God will use to you bless Guatemala.” (Talk about confirmation!)
– Some of Matt’s friends who are Guatemalan already know the home and are excited to introduce us to our neighbors when we move! (SUCH a blessing because we want to be part of our community, not just live there)
– It even allows chickens! I want chickens to eat and for eggs but I wasn’t expecting to get that until we bought a home of our own.

Matt is flying down Tuesday to sign the papers. But God also made just this fast 3 day trip more productive than just a signature for us. He is also meeting with our Acts 29 (a church planting support group) pastor for Guatemala and continuing the process for our future church being part of that organization, he’s doing his first shift at the homeless shelter in Antigua he will be volunteering at when we move, and he will be visiting some dear friends to us and serving them however they need.

God is so faithful! We know, and trust, in His provisions and believe He will use us, and this home, to bless the people of Guatemala.



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