Reptile Show Funraiser

Hello all!

So a couple weeks ago we held a fundraiser at our Church in Hamlin (HNTC.) It was a HUGE success, PRAISE THE LORD! It was loads of fun! A great man of God, and wonderful friend of Matt’s and mine was willing to donate his time and do a show for free. He has many reptiles, bugs, spiders, and all sorts of critters that are great. He does WONDERFUL shows!! He speaks about God’s creations and how each animal is special and why we need to understand, learn, and respect them as God’s creations.

The kids all sat in a big circle around Bill as he brought out one animal at a time and did a mini teaching about it. Then he walked around, and depending on the critter, each kid takes a turn looking at, touching, petting, or holding the animal. This is a GREAT hands-on show.

He fed his blue-tongued lizard bugs, and one of his snakes a mouse. The kids all squealed with zeal and wigglies as the snake swirled around its mouse and swallowed it down!

The event was also accompanied by a bake-sale downstairs. A huge thanks to Laura for heading up that aspect of the event and for all the lovely ladies of our little church who cooked for it 🙂


God is continuing to bless all our efforts to raise money, and also awareness, for our mission. We want people to contribute financially, especially monthly donors, but we also want people to be aware of what we are doing too. We want everyone to understand what our goals and purposes are while we are in Guatemala. We hope people will pray for our ministry even if they decide not to financially support us. Prayer is SO important 🙂


This is one of the members of the missions team coming a couple weeks after we’ve moved down, Katie and my youngest son, Ezekiel 🙂



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