More of God’s provisions and blessings!


Matt and I continue to prepare to move to Guatemala in less than 6 months!! SO exciting!

A couple things have happened that would, ordinarily, seem like set backs – some fairly large. But we rest assured, knowing and trusting in good faith that, God knows what He is doing. We pray daily about the next steps to take, directions to go, etc.

The couple who were agreed to rent our home and even buy several of our house hold larger furniture items no longer wanted to. There was another family who was interested but not long term and we didn’t want to worry about finding a tenant while in Guatemala, at least not for several years. This seemed like a bad thing, right? “Great! Now items we wanted to sell but didn’t and are going to be sitting here longer, our security in dealing with our house is now gone, and debts we need to pay are now at risk again!” But NOPE! That is not how we should think as children of THE MOST HIGH God! And so, we didn’t! 🙂

He knows our paths, He promises not to harm us, to bring us a future, and that He cares for us more than anything. So we simply said, “Ok God. What is Your plan here?” and waiting for the response.

After realizing that we wouldn’t want to deal with the fear of potentially having an empty home with a mortgage still to pay every month, we decided to try to sell our home again. After we made this decision we have had 3 people ask to buy our home!! AMAZING! They all have said they are VERY interested and want to see it, and it’s not even on the market yet!! PRAISE THE LORD!

There is still a lot of work I need to do on it before it can be seen, but we are working as fast as we can to get it show-worthy 🙂


Another wonderful blessing we received was 6 bunk beds with mattresses for just $1,100!! We belong to a group on Facebook  similar to craigslist where people sell their items in the Antigua area. I was randomly scrolling through it one day and found these beds which are lovely. We were able to talk to the man selling them (he spoke English) and he was able to set up a delivery guy for just $50, our landlords are AMAZING and allowed us to store 12 mattresses and 6 disassembled bunk beds in the home until we move down in August, and they helped unload them all!! They are lovely. We will now have a bed for both boys, 3 in one downstairs, and 2 in the other downstairs room making having friends and family come to stay very easy!


We appreciate everyone’s donations helping to make the preparation for our home capable! Without your generous givings we’d never even be able to rent this home! We praise the LORD for the obedience of those led to give! And we thank everyone who is praying for us too! Covering our family, the new home, and the move in prayer is SO important!! We love you all!



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