We have a Truck!

Praise the LORD for His amazing provisions, AGAIN!!

We were not even beginning the process of looking for a car/truck yet, when a friend of ours from an organization in Guatemala we will be working very closely with, reached out, randomly, to Matt. She told him that a missionary family she knew was leaving Guatemala and going back to the States and needed to sell their truck.

We had, literally, JUST begun talking about whether we wanted to drive down (just Matt) or all fly, buy a car/truck there, or what we wanted to do. We weren’t even thinking about a vehicle during our moving process or for once we were down there – not right away. We figured we’d use the chicken buses or for long trips ask friends to help. But in reality that isn’t a very good plan for a bunch of Gringos who don’t speak fluent Spanish, have 2 young kids, and have JUST moved down there… Especially with family hopefully coming to visit and the airport being about 2.5 hours away.

Thinking that the irony was too much to, be literally THAT DAY, have started thinking about how we would even go about getting a vehicle, but not having even reached out to anyone or even mentioned anything yet, Matt responded to our friend and said he’d be happy to “look” at the truck. The man replied right away telling Matt what it was –
an old Dodge Durango, but with just 80,000 miles on it, runs great, just needed new tires and an alignment check. Matt got excited and told me what had just happened. With such joy at the LORD’S timing it made us smile. We weren’t even looking yet, just thinking, and God plopped this truck in our laps – like SO many other things in this process (our home, the bunk beds, not this.)

We said we were interested and asked how much he was hoping to get. His response?… Just $3,000.00!

We were really excited that God had opened this door, but didn’t want to be unwise. We asked our great friend, Dick (who also went to see our home for us) if he would mind going to see the car. He was happy to help and went that week. When Dick got back to us he had some interesting news, however. He knew the man and his family who were trying to sell their truck – they go to the same Church in Guatemala. But he told us that the man was selling the truck because he and his family were having to move back to the United States due to lack of support for themselves. This moved Dick’s heart and he reached out to us saying that the truck was great, but that he was wanting to try and see if he could raise the funds they needed to stay. He proceeded to apologize to us (because if they could stay we would lose the truck.) We felt even worse that Dick felt he even NEEDED to apologize. We reassured him that a brother in the Lord staying in Guatemala would be MUCH better than us getting the truck.

After about 2 weeks; however, the family said that they needed to go back for whatever reasons and were happy to sell the truck to us.

So, we bought a truck!




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