God Provides for EVERYONE

As Matt and I prepare to move to Guatemala, nothing is so constantly on our minds and hearts as our boys’ health – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We want to make sure that they are cared for well, feel safe, and have a happy home.

One of the ways we know we can do this is by getting family dogs. The dogs (specifically large-breed dogs which we LOVE anyway) will serve 2 huge purposes – 1) They are great deterrents for intruders and, 2) Our family LOVES dogs and Judah has been asking for one for a long time.

We want to adopt 2 dogs, rescuing them to bring to Guatemala. I applied at every local (and even some further away) adoption agency around only to be denied one after the other for various reasons (most very foolish and unfounded.) We felt sad because our hearts began to get excited at the thought of having dogs again and for the joy it would bring little Judah, but nonetheless we had such a peace and knew God had a plan.

The same day we were denied by the last agency we’d applied to, we got a Facebook message from missionary friends of ours telling us some pretty sad news – they were having to move back to the US for personal reasons. BUT, in praying about their situation the Lord continually told them to talk to us about….. taking their dogs!

This is so amazing because we were denied by EVERYONE because the LORD had a bigger plan and while we were being denied, He was speaking to this family about giving us their dogs! God is amazing and when we listen to Him and act, the miracles happen. This family needed a home for their wonderful, loved dogs and we were looking for some wonderful, loving dogs to adopt!


So we will soon be the happy, loving owners of 1 year old Bella the boxer and 2 year old Lucy the Husky! Every night Judah asks to “see my dogs, Lucy and Bella” and prays for them.17693093_10208768755118323_1210131700_o.jpg


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