Getting things settled.

It’s been awhile since I was able to sit down and write a blog! Even now I should be sleeping, but I want to take the time to keep everyone up to date! 🙂

June 6th – 15th Ezekiel and I traveled to Guatemala to get our home in order so that when we make the big move, July 25th, it is as smooth and easy as we can hope and make it for not just us, but mostly Judah. His heart and mind are our main priority when we move down as he will be most sensitive to the change in his world.

While down there we got a LOT accomplished. We met our landlords, Carlos and his wife Duly (who loved Ezekiel’s bald head, haha), got our keys, I saw our house for the first time first hand, met our kitty Guapo who is the SWEETEST cat ever (he became ours because he wouldn’t leave the house and stay with Carlos and Duly in the new house across the street haha), and more. I unpacked the 6 totes we were so blessed to be able to ship down with a ministry Matt hooked up with. The main goal of which, was setting up Judah’s room so he saw his toys and had a fun place to go into that excited him and made him happy.

I met a new-ish family that has moved down there to work with friends of ours, Kelly and Michael, and their two kids. They were such a blessing. They drove Zeek and I all over, gave up their bedroom for us, and dropped us off at the airport.

We bought our bed, TV, dressers for everyone, couches, chairs, table, dishes, shelving, pantry shelving, dish soap, garbage cans, TP, PT, Coffee pot with coffee, fans, toaster, etc. They were a HUGE help in setting up all those bunk beds we got (getting Judah and Zeek’s up into their room with ropes over the balcony was… fun… haha.) We had a friend of a friend come who works with metal come to take measurements to make doors for the 2 downstairs 1/2 baths and a gate for the top of the stairs so the boys don’t go down if I don’t want them to. And we even installed the electrical wiring for our dryer we will be getting a little over a week after we move down…

So much was accomplished, yet the little details are all still to be done when we all move down. The little things that make a place a home that you don’t really understand or think about unless you’ve moved. Every day I think of something I forgot to get, or something I realized I won’t have down there I use here a lot and need to buy a bunch of and hopesomehow can pack it… But we will be fine!

While there we saw Fuego (the active volcano just outside our town) erupt every morning – even rumbling loudly with some booms one night, saw the town get covered with ash from it, got woken up by our bed shaking around 1am from a 6.8 earth quake off the coast, saw lots of flooding because it’s rainy season, and I guess June is our little town’s turn to celebrate the Catholic church in it – so we got to go to a cool festival.

Living in the middle is a tough place to be, but God is so good at helping prepare our hearts in this time. Many people keep asking us “aren’t you scared?” or “Aren’t you sad?” And the honest answer is, “no.” We are ready. God has called us and we practice, daily, allowing our hearts, thoughts, motives, and desires to be supple to Him. Doing so has allowed our hearts to truly want what He wants for us, which is to move. We are growing antsy and unhappy here in the US, honestly.

But we are not without huge blessing!! We are living for free in my Grandma’s beautiful empty city home, where we are able to bless Judah with lots of library, play ground, and museum trips. We are living out of suitcases, but it isn’t bad at all. I grew up in this home, coming many weekends. So in a way, it’s a second home to me. It is a wonderful way to live while God prepares the way to feel comfortable (verses a hotel or something.)

Soon we travel to Canada to visit family there, that we normally see every year, that we may be seeing for the last time for a long time. It will be a much welcomed break and fun vacation. Then back in the States for 1 week, then July 25th…..




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