As a Missionary Family starting a church in Guatemala, King of Glory needs financial support. What is needed are regular sponsors willing to give whatever amount they feel called to – monthly, quarterly, or yearly. However, one time donations are, of course, always welcome 🙂

Here’s a visual of our financial goal! By the guidance of seasoned missionaries, it has been recommended that our family will need approximately $2000 per month to live in Guatemala. Any amount of support would be GREATLY appreciated.
This image shows how close we are to meeting that goal through the blessing of dedicated, regular monthly donors.

We have our own PayPal button you are welcome to use! The money will go straight into an account for King of Glory. Please click here:

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Want to donate a recurring, fixed amount?

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If you do NOT have a PayPal account, that’s OK!
Just click the link under the ‘log in’ button that says “pay using your credit/debit card” option to use a credit card. Otherwise use your PayPal account.
Enter all your card info and click continue

USPS: Through Hamlin New Testament Church. Cash or Check designated “Guatemala”
Hamlin New Testament Church
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PO Box 145
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